How to keep your Wedding Guests Dancing all night long WITHOUT SPENDING A FORTUNE?

Those Guys are simply the best value music package for your Wedding Day.

🎸We are the Music Duo of choice for the big, live band sound playing all the Wedding Band standards - Jiving to Country, Pop to Rock and everything in between🎀

We will be your Wedding DJ to keep your guests dancing all night long with all the Disco Classics - Working 9 to 5 rocking that boat! πŸŽ‰ πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ 

Our Special Gift to You! 
We will be your late night video guy to capture the memories of the dance floor moves of you and your guests!
You'll just want to dance the night away!*Those%20Guys%20Wedding%20Band%20Northern%20Ireland*jpeg?alt=media&token=4a169f79-82e2-4435-b374-58ccdb1d7614*1038b1ee*jpeg?alt=media&token=ef441173-79e4-4c6a-8adc-109bb3ebe6dc
Live Music Duo
Those Guys are Mickey O'Rourke on vocals and Adrian Curran on Guitars. 

We present to Wedding Couples a memorable Big Band sound, superb setlist of Wedding classics and a spell bounding Light Show for big and small Weddings alike!

We have both played in the "big party bands" but recognised that many couples crave an intimate Wedding Day experience for their family and friends.

With state of the art technology and pro audio and lighting equipment, our couples have a huge music experience regardless of venue size or guest list.

Check out our videos below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡*caa901c*jpeg?alt=media&token=a0ea1229-b7cb-4a68-8249-9dcddd220e34
Wedding DJ
"Your DJ songs are class!!!!" (the words of one of our beautiful brides)

...and yes we do agree - there is every song and genre you could want!

As well as being the consummate singer and entertainer in Those Guys, Mickey has had many years experience hosting Karaoke and Disco Dancing in local venues. 

We play all the Wedding Disco classics!

Just let us know the tunes you want to hear and we will be happy to oblige!*fdc5910*jpeg?alt=media&token=ae33736a-15c5-4142-8ced-888aabbe28a1
πŸ’ Wedding Boogie Video 🎁 
As a very special Wedding gift to you, we will film a professional Wedding Boogie Video of your Disco Dance floor so you can forever relive all the fun. 

Our Wedding Couples have loved looking back on everyone having a good boogie on the dance floor late into the night (Your video guy/girl will be long gone and home tucked in bed when we capture this fun footage of all the fun).

We will send the video to you a couple of days after your big day so you can share on Facebook and Instagram.
The Music Experience you deserve

It won't cost a fortune!

Pandemics and the cost of living have worried us all!
The last few years have been very disruptive and stressful for anyone planning a Wedding.

The Covid pandemic has limited guest numbers at Wedding receptions (why we have scaled back to a duo - there's only two of us!)

The cost of living with oil and food skyrocketing (why we love being a music duo to keep you and your guests dancing all night long with an affordable package)

We believe you deserve the best music experience without having to get stressed out about any of the nasty stuff above!

We take care of it all!*Those%20Guys%20Wedding%20Band%20Newry*jpeg?alt=media&token=b74ccf1b-bafb-41cb-9f9a-4fda2bd367b2*1649363779565*1649351088393*play*svg?alt=media&token=16ca462d-31a4-491e-83c4-ccb0fb2282c4

What the 
Happy Couples Say...*1649363782058*1649347920015*00*svg?alt=media&token=c9065765-368f-4129-bf00-9195e3971ce0*Those%20Guys%20Wedding%20Band%20Northern%20Ireland%20disco%20dj*jpeg?alt=media&token=452f8e4d-84d7-47ae-845c-5aa8c4907a47
Paddy & Tara
Thank you both so so much for playing at our wedding and making it a fantastic evening. Everyone has been talking about how great it was. We were delighted to have you there as our band. We hope you enjoyed being there as much as we enjoyed having you. Thank you so much. Tara and Paddy*1649363788949*1649347920019*0*svg?alt=media&token=58cc2c21-7bef-4b3f-b1d6-ac6b2af3716c*1649363791486*1649347920015*00*svg?alt=media&token=6c9f9809-22b1-4a39-b1be-38422179aad9*Those%20Guys%20Wedding%20Band%20Northern%20Ireland%20disco%20and%20band*jpeg?alt=media&token=55b68037-74ee-4ace-8246-afc01ea90b5f
Andrew & Shauna
We absolutely loved it! We had a small wedding and "you guys" were perfect! A great mix of tunes in your band set and something for everyone during the disco! We danced all night - everyone had sore feet as well as sore heads the next day but it was worth it :) - thanks so much - Shauna x*1649363797923*1649347920019*0*svg?alt=media&token=93f756fa-0871-4c4c-92fa-0e2840f95eda*1649363800337*1649347920015*00*svg?alt=media&token=dd2d9926-4f21-48a7-a53f-db8f5937231e*Those%20Guys%20Wedding%20Band%20Northern%20Ireland%20adrian%20curran*jpeg?alt=media&token=1a2fea0d-6f8c-40cc-8275-4f65829365a0
Francie and Lisa
First Class!
Pic: Willy Gallagher Photographer at The Whistledown Warrenpoint
Pic: Willy Gallagher Photographer at The Whistledown, Warrenpoint*Those%20Guys%20Wedding%20Band%20Northern%20Ireland%20mickey%20o%20rourke*jpeg?alt=media&token=0be68ff2-71af-4002-ab2b-0d6863e19259*Those%20Guys%20Wedding%20Band%20Northern%20Ireland%20disco%20dj*jpeg?alt=media&token=452f8e4d-84d7-47ae-845c-5aa8c4907a47*Those%20Guys%20Wedding%20Band%20Northern%20Ireland%20adrian%20curran*jpeg?alt=media&token=1a2fea0d-6f8c-40cc-8275-4f65829365a0*Those%20Guys%20Wedding%20Band%20Northern%20Ireland%20disco%20and%20band*jpeg?alt=media&token=55b68037-74ee-4ace-8246-afc01ea90b5f
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